Interning at DEREE’s Study Abroad Office…

As a Hellenic Legacy Fellow in Athens for the year, I have come to see and experience more of Greece than I could have imagined. I’ve used my blog to express my impressions regarding Greek culture and traditions, and to articulate my thoughts on the country’s current situation. Fascinated by the crisis and the domestic efforts to restore the country’s credibility, I have also written about my involvement with RepowerGreece and my internship with Foresight; however, I have neglected to write about my work at DEREE, the American College of Greece.

As an intern in the study abroad (SA) office for the past two semesters, I have organized a variety of events and excursions for the international and SA students. Having been a SA student myself two years ago, I now provide the office staff with a different perspective on life as a SA student. Together, we have planned a variety of new events this year, including the Scavenger Hunt across Athens, the Craft Brewery Tour and Beer Tasting, a couple of BBQs and movie screenings, as well as a Christmas Extravaganza, which involved a day of decorating the residence hall, followed by a day of cooking and a pot luck dinner. At the same time, I have helped arrange and run a variety of other events, like the Greek cooking classes and dance classes, and excursions to Nafplion, Delphi, Arachova, and Aegina.

These events are set up for SA students– the students spending a semester at DEREE– but are almost always open to the four-year Greek and International students as well. The SA office also runs the Philoxenia Program, a program that pairs SA students with four-year students in an effort to facilitate the full-immersion experience. For example, the office is now organizing an event called “Spend a Night with Your Philoxenia Buddy!” Though the enticing title is somewhat misleading, we are arranging to have SA students stay with Greek families for a night in the hopes of giving them new insight on the Greek way of life.

Rather than continue to bore you with my babbling, I figure the most effective way to portray what my internship with the study abroad office has entailed thus far would be via this slideshow of highlights from our events and excursions, along with links to a few videos produced by the study abroad office and students.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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