The Ultimate Field Trips ( Nafplio-Semeli Winery-Delphi- Arachova)

Time is flying by, I cannot even believe that I have been in Greece for 2 months, it’s crazy for me to think that at this very moment in my life I will never be able to experience and appreciate all the excitement and constant feeling of joy and pride in my life ever again. All that is going to be left when I leave here are memories and everything that I have been able to do  here, with  all the new and amazing friends that I truly know will be my friends for the rest of my life. Each and everyone of us came to study abroad for a reason, no one really knows what that reason is but by us living our daily lives here in Athens and seeing the different things that life has to offer I believe that we are all completing each other’s reasoning day by day, experience by experience.

The past couple weeks between school and all of our excursions, life has been really busy and exciting in Athens. We took our first field trip as a group together, which was really great and exciting for the whole study abroad program. We started off our day going to Nafplio,  the city of Nafplio was the first capital of modern Greece in 1823.  The city was named after Nafplios, the son of Poseidon.  Nafplio became the center of activities after Greece was liberated from the Turks and remained the capital until 1834, when it was moved to Athens. During our excursion we hiked up to a castle and when we reached the top, the view was breathtaking, you could see the whole city and the beautiful ocean. After going to the castle, we went to a traditional Greek taverna where we ate some really great traditional Greek food such as stuffed grape leaves (dolomathakia) greek salad (xoriatiki salata), chicken,  and for dessert baklava (fillo dough stuffed with walnuts and honey). After dinner we toured the city, did some shopping and headed back on the bus to go to the Semeli winery which was located in Nemea near Corinth. There we were shown around the vineyards and were given a tour on the process of wine and how it begins from start to finish.It’s really amazing how the process of wine making happens and how much research and time goes into preserving and making a great bottle of wine. After the tour was over, we headed to the lobby where we had a wine tasting and pairing of 5 different wines, ranging from whites to reds. After our long day of walking, eating and drinking, it was time to go to the bus and head home to Aghia Parasekvi. Since this was one of the first field trips that we went on together, it was great because we really had a chance to bond and learn more about one another!

The following weekend it was time for another field trip, my roommates and I were really excited and were anticipating an awesome trip to Delphi and Arachova. Delphi was regarded as the centre of the world. With our luck, our trip landed on one of the warmest and most beautiful days that we have seen in Greece so far. Delphi was beautiful, everything was green and the view from the top again was breathtaking and completely put your mind at ease. Its amazes me how these old ruins are filled with so much history and were once thriving with life, and now my friends and I are exploring this place which was once thought of as the center of the world. It’s something that makes you think outside the box and appreciate what is in front of you. After all of our exploring of Delphi we headed to Arachova to have lunch, Arachova, which is known as the Mykonos of the winter time, is also known for its beautiful scenery, snow and skiing. I personally thought that Arachova was one of the cutest towns that I have ever seen in Greece, besides my xorio! When we were walking around the town, it gave off a very warm and cozy vibe. The town was very well maintained and the people were very welcoming and warm. Even though there was no snow, if you looked way above into the sky you could see snow at the tip top of the mountain. I really enjoyed this field trip and so did everyone else. After our long day again, we packed up and headed to the bus where we had a 3 hours destination to arrive back home…….. within 20 minutes of the bus ride everyone was sound asleep and before we knew it we were home all rested and ready to enjoy our Saturday night in Athens!

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As the weeks keep getting closer and closer to our departure back to the states and leaving beautiful Greece, I cannot even bear the fact that I will not only have to leave this beautiful country that I love and have already learned so much from, but I have to leave behind all my amazing friends that I have had so many experiences with! Until next time, I am going to continue to live my  new life as a relaxed Greek and continue to appreciate my everyday life and keep learning more and more on my culture and language daily!

Unitl Next Time


Κατερινα Γκροσσο



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3 responses to “The Ultimate Field Trips ( Nafplio-Semeli Winery-Delphi- Arachova)

  1. Mama

    Keep up with your studies and the trips look wonderful. Everything is so green. The winery looks beautiful and I have never seen Delphi so green. What a great looking group of students. Glad to here you are doing well and taking advantage of every day in Greece. Miss you lots. Christos Anesti….

  2. Christina

    Looks like the perfect place. School, fun and trips in Greece. I cannot wait to see you this summer…I miss you cooking here in Chicago….x0x0x0x0

  3. Xander Benziger

    Hey Catherine!

    It sounds like you are having such a great time. Those pictures look awesome. I’m so excited for you that you had this chance to go over to Greece to study for so long. I know how being away from home to study really gives a chance for growth and opportunities that you never dreamed of, but I can’t even imagine how amazing it must be to do that in another country! Being Greek and fluent going on this trip I’m sure only gave you another level of appreciation for what you guys are doing. I bet it has been cool being able to go back to the xorio and enjoy all it is has to offer, seeing Theo Vassili and Thea Pipitsa, and being able to share that with your friends. I know how cool it is to go to school in a different city, so I know it is cool to explore and really find what the city has to offer, and I’m sure you have found out a lot about Athens that you had never really thought would be there.
    Being away from home I haven’t really seen everyone a lot, but I missed seeing you when I was home for Easter, and can’t wait to see you when you get back. I really want to hear the stories you’ve got to tell. I hope you have a wonderful, unforgettable rest of your trip. Eat some good feta for me.



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